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This is the Brudenell Community Centre - It was a one room school house
where grades 1-8 would go to school. Then the students would go to
high-school in Montague
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When the railway system was shut down in Prince Edward Island the government converted all the tracks to a walking, biking trail across the island, it is now called "The Confederation Trail". This section runs through the community of Brudenell.
The Brudenell River above is one of three heritage rivers in the area. There are the Cardigan, Brudenell and Montague.This Three Rivers system is where the first French settlements on Prince Edward Island was located; an early interior centre of transportation, commerce and regional development; known internationally for its fine harbours and excellent commercial fishery in the mid-1800's
This historic site brings to life the story of Jean Pierre Roma , the French merchant  who in 1732 established an international trading post at Trois Rivières. Today Roma's site offers guides to walk you through and tell you the history of the first commercial settlement in Prince Edward Island.